Enter the 7th year of Liger, my math class also advanced to the next level of math, Precalculus. This subject is very hard and fascinating for me. First of all the idea of studying precalculus has always floated my mine since I am an aspiring engineer but it is very hard to fully grasp every lessons and rule in this subject. Many of the formulae had a pattern and it will be easier to solve if you can understand the rule apply to it. For example, the rule for Slant asymptotes(a line which a graph will infinity or negative infinity if it gets near the value): Slant asymptotes look like this,

This graph comes from the division of x^2 + x + 1 and x+1. In the lesson that I have learned stated that if the equation has a greater power in the numerator then there is a possibility that there is a slant asymptote. To find the asymptote you just need to divide the equation until you cannot go any further. Then ignore the remainder if there is any and what you can divide is the line of the slant asymptote. In this case, y=x is the asymptotes because we can only divide x out of x^2+x+1 with a remainder of 1.


What a drag! I have to take the SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test. This international test consists of many varieties of concepts from math and English. The most important goal in taking this test is to show colleges that I am worthy of their scholarship.

One month effort had been put into this test although not many hours every week are spent on it. I have learned many things during the preparation but most importantly, this test is not to measure your abilities rather how good is your test-taking skill.

I have learned many strategies such as quick pattern realization, skip lengthy questions, and fast problem-solving techniques on different topics. I also expand many topics that I review in class but surprisingly more tactics are becoming handier when facing actual SAT questions during practice.

What I cover in class with facilitators and friends far exceed what has mentioned on this texts today. But I just want to express the gratitude toward my math teacher who had taught me so much technique. One that really interests me is pattern realization, it is as said that SAT question often repeat the same concept or the way they ask questions.

Example: The recommended daily calcium intake for a 20-year-old is 1,000 milligrams (mg). One cup of milk contains 299 mg of calcium and one cup of juice contains 261 mg of calcium. Which of the following inequalities represents the possible number of cups of milk m and cups of juice j a 20-year-old could drink in a day to meet or exceed the recommended daily calcium intake from these drinks alone?

This type of question does come often with different context but they’re the same concept, turn the word problems into an equation. Once you noticed it, transform it into an equation won’t be hard and take a long time because the reading itself give sufficient clue to how the equation should form.

Many more methods are put into play I hope to get the best possible result for my future.

Toul Prasat Sen Sok Computer Lab Installation-Solar Pi Project

ON the 19th of May, My team and I journeyed to a school on the outskirt of Phnom Penh called Toul Prasat Sen Sok. Solar Pi project’s goal is to provide technological education to students in the government school. We go to this school to install Raspberry Pi computer lab.

Taking out computer screen, keyboard, mouse and raspberry pi.
Piecing the components together.
Secure the wire, prevent power damage to the computer.
Check the computer, Is it operating? Does it run smoothly? Can it run together at once? Are keyboard and mouse working?
The Pi-Net server we are using to run Edemy program on all the computer.

While my team did the installation of the whole lab the half of the team give lessons to teacher and student about the program Edemy, which is an English teaching program to Cambodians.

Student engagement in the labs a day after the lab was installed.

Although some of the computers and mouses don’t work we consider the trip to be worthwhile and successful in term learning the flaw of the process.

We as a group hope that the students will use this opportunity to their advantage and expand their knowledge to help them prepare for the near future.

Takeo Solar Pi Trip

On the 30th of April, my team set foot on Chous school in Takeo province. Our main objective is to set up the pi computer and have it done in one day. We are a group of students who want to try to input a new English curriculum in government schools. Chous school is in a remote area away from town so electrical access is scarce, so we had a company install a solar powered system into the school to provide power for running the Pi computer which is contained the English program, Edemy in it. Turn out the electrician nor the solar company was there, so there is no way to turn on the power from Solar, which also had its converter broken.  We had nothing to do except our second objective which is to introduce the students to Edemy and how to use a computer.  It took a while because there were three big group of student to present to and two group of student we still need to measure their level of English to input in the systems. Meanwhile, Waseem, a Liger facilitator, and a couple of students including me check the work of the electrician and turn out a lot of his work need some securing. Therefore we spend our whole morning and afternoon just to secure and fix the electrician wiring work.


February 9th, my dreamed architecture project began. I always want to start learning how to plan and study buildings from different cultures. In the beginning, I was a bit lost on what is my long-term plan, so I took the entire first hour of my schedule to find my goal. Finally, I got a solid plan, I am going to design my own house by my own hand and ability. I want to draw it and build a real visual model of it in the future. In the meantime, I found application and website that could possibly be benefiting for me in the process to my goal. There were many but the main one would be Unity, AutoCAD, Homestyler, Inventer…etc. I also found an online course that covers the basic and more of architecture, Edx. This online course helps me better understand architectural ideas and the implementation could be different depending on the culture. While I studied the course I help myself with some Homestyler house design as you can see below.

Living room

The Mummification Show

On the 28th February 2018, our literacy class have a collection of shows and acts about the ancient Egyptian process of bringing the dead to be judged by Osiris in the underworld, for whoever wants to go to the afterlife, in short mummification. Everyone creates and join teams of numerous people depend on what they plan for the play. My team contains four people including me. We plan to do not just the process of mummification but also create a story about a noble journey after his death, in the underworld he meets strange creature, spirits, and gods of the underworld themselves. But the most important point is the mummification process which includes taking out the brain and organs, then dehydrate the body, then clean it, then oil it, then stuff it with special stuff, then wrap the body, then masked it, then put in coffin with the noble belonging and in the end in the pyramid. In the play, we were required to make a lot of crop as representative of the real material used in ancient Egypt.


Journey of Change Observation Tour

On the 28 of January 2018, I went on an observation tour of the Journey of Change business. It is a requirement if I want to become a real tour guide for them and earn money. I went with a few friends, so we divide different sections of the trip to talk about. We all did 2 places on the tour. The tour was supposed to be on bikes but we did it on the bus since it is convenient and cost less. I did agriculture in Cambodia, how Cambodia farm? What type of plants? How to plant them? Why choose that plant? How much money made from the plant? There were three plants to talk about, each of them are a bit long in words but doable. They were mango, banana, and lemongrass but in the process, you can point out plants all around. After the agriculture places, I talked about traditional healers in Cambodia. Most of Cambodians won’t go to the hospital instead they go to the healer because they believe in spirits and ghosts. Traditional healer uses medical herbs to heal and ritual to dispel the possessed spirit. After that, we return safely returned to Liger.

Mondulkiri Trip

On the 19 of January 2018, my group, whose working on human health focus on diseases that spread between animals and humans mainly on rabies, goes to a mission hosted by PPAWS in Mondulkiri to help dog and cat there get rabies vaccination and desex the animal so that their population won’t skyrocket. On the mission we divide into groups with specific tasks, group one and two are in charge of notifying the people around the area that there is an animal clinic nearby that help your animal for free. They will have to walk across the town in the far distance to advertise the mission. While group 3 will be handling cat and dog that arrive, help translate words from the foreign doctor, help take care of the finished surgery dogs/cats and help hold the dogs/cats until it was put to sleep. The surgery was thrilling, it was so bloody real that I almost faint when I help to hold the dog for surgery. I really don’t like the surgery because I pity the dog so much, imagine if all the sudden your parts removed and you don’t even remember it. It is scary but because it helps the society from getting more infectious diseases from dogs/cats. My team goes on this mission with two purposes. One is to learn how to start and operate a mission because we will be hosting one on 7 February 2018. Two is to help the dogs/cats from getting diseases to us, human, and experience the mission itself. After the mission, we took a day off and visit the elephant track where hike up mountain to a waterfall waiting to feed and clean the elephant. We feed the elephant with banana fruits and stems. When we bath the elephant we can ride them as well. Going on top of a giant feel like you can do anything and you can see anything. After that, we safely return to our school and continue our own journey of life.

Beach Frisbee Ultimate

Such a good day, I was invited to this amazing event at the beach, Kep, on 23 to 24 of December 2017. It was the first Cambodia Beach Frisbee Ultimate. This sport is about spirit, the spirit to enjoy the game, make friends and give it your all to the game no matter the outcome. We played so hard but the sand made it impossible to move freely. It was a trouble but a good obstacle to face. People on the beach no matter the age range come and watch the game, some of the crowd even participate in one but not a good result for them, of course, to be expected. It was a thrilling experience to share the fun spirit with the people who come to the sea festival. We really have a good time I hope there are more Beach Frisbee Ultimate.

Yoga in Kep

On the 22 to 26 of November, I was really frustrated about study and workload so my teacher Karen invite me to this amazing opportunity in Kep told to release your stress, to realize your true self and to relax your inner soul. At first, I don’t even have any idea what meditation is and because of the long ride to the place, also because it is 7:00 night time; I sleep through my first meditation experience not knowing what to say when I woke up, except sorry. After that night there a little challenge I need to face every day, the food. The food there was vegan, I never in my life had no meat so it is really hard to adapt to not only the vegetable but the foreign taste as well. But I got over it anyway because I can’t do anything. The yoga and meditation went pretty well, I didn’t sleep this time, I was simply relaxed. I also find myself learning about myself through the zodiac sign of Greek mythology. I really like the myth of the lesson and how it has interaction with our soul. I got a lot out of the experience, I think if you are interested you can go to the place itself cause I can’t really tell how nice it was for me to relax after so long period of study.