Yoga in Kep

On the 22 to 26 of November, I was really frustrated about study and workload so my teacher Karen invite me to this amazing opportunity in Kep told to release your stress, to realize your true self and to relax your inner soul. At first, I don’t even have any idea what meditation is and because of the long ride to the place, also because it is 7:00 night time; I sleep through my first meditation experience not knowing what to say when I woke up, except sorry. After that night there a little challenge I need to face every day, the food. The food there was vegan, I never in my life had no meat so it is really hard to adapt to not only the vegetable but the foreign taste as well. But I got over it anyway because I can’t do anything. The yoga and meditation went pretty well, I didn’t sleep this time, I was simply relaxed. I also find myself learning about myself through the zodiac sign of Greek mythology. I really like the myth of the lesson and how it has interaction with our soul. I got a lot out of the experience, I think if you are interested you can go to the place itself cause I can’t really tell how nice it was for me to relax after so long period of study.

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