Mondulkiri Trip

On the 19 of January 2018, my group, whose working on human health focus on diseases that spread between animals and humans mainly on rabies, goes to a mission hosted by PPAWS in Mondulkiri to help dog and cat there get rabies vaccination and desex the animal so that their population won’t skyrocket. On the mission we divide into groups with specific tasks, group one and two are in charge of notifying the people around the area that there is an animal clinic nearby that help your animal for free. They will have to walk across the town in the far distance to advertise the mission. While group 3 will be handling cat and dog that arrive, help translate words from the foreign doctor, help take care of the finished surgery dogs/cats and help hold the dogs/cats until it was put to sleep. The surgery was thrilling, it was so bloody real that I almost faint when I help to hold the dog for surgery. I really don’t like the surgery because I pity the dog so much, imagine if all the sudden your parts removed and you don’t even remember it. It is scary but because it helps the society from getting more infectious diseases from dogs/cats. My team goes on this mission with two purposes. One is to learn how to start and operate a mission because we will be hosting one on 7 February 2018. Two is to help the dogs/cats from getting diseases to us, human, and experience the mission itself. After the mission, we took a day off and visit the elephant track where hike up mountain to a waterfall waiting to feed and clean the elephant. We feed the elephant with banana fruits and stems. When we bath the elephant we can ride them as well. Going on top of a giant feel like you can do anything and you can see anything. After that, we safely return to our school and continue our own journey of life.

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