Journey of Change Observation Tour

On the 28 of January 2018, I went on an observation tour of the Journey of Change business. It is a requirement if I want to become a real tour guide for them and earn money. I went with a few friends, so we divide different sections of the trip to talk about. We all did 2 places on the tour. The tour was supposed to be on bikes but we did it on the bus since it is convenient and cost less. I did agriculture in Cambodia, how Cambodia farm? What type of plants? How to plant them? Why choose that plant? How much money made from the plant? There were three plants to talk about, each of them are a bit long in words but doable. They were mango, banana, and lemongrass but in the process, you can point out plants all around. After the agriculture places, I talked about traditional healers in Cambodia. Most of Cambodians won’t go to the hospital instead they go to the healer because they believe in spirits and ghosts. Traditional healer uses medical herbs to heal and ritual to dispel the possessed spirit. After that, we return safely returned to Liger.

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