The Mummification Show

On the 28th February 2018, our literacy class have a collection of shows and acts about the ancient Egyptian process of bringing the dead to be judged by Osiris in the underworld, for whoever wants to go to the afterlife, in short mummification. Everyone creates and join teams of numerous people depend on what they plan for the play. My team contains four people including me. We plan to do not just the process of mummification but also create a story about a noble journey after his death, in the underworld he meets strange creature, spirits, and gods of the underworld themselves. But the most important point is the mummification process which includes taking out the brain and organs, then dehydrate the body, then clean it, then oil it, then stuff it with special stuff, then wrap the body, then masked it, then put in coffin with the noble belonging and in the end in the pyramid. In the play, we were required to make a lot of crop as representative of the real material used in ancient Egypt.


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