Takeo Solar Pi Trip

On the 30th of April, my team set foot on Chous school in Takeo province. Our main objective is to set up the pi computer and have it done in one day. We are a group of students who want to try to input a new English curriculum in government schools. Chous school is in a remote area away from town so electrical access is scarce, so we had a company install a solar powered system into the school to provide power for running the Pi computer which is contained the English program, Edemy in it. Turn out the electrician nor the solar company was there, so there is no way to turn on the power from Solar, which also had its converter broken.  We had nothing to do except our second objective which is to introduce the students to Edemy and how to use a computer.  It took a while because there were three big group of student to present to and two group of student we still need to measure their level of English to input in the systems. Meanwhile, Waseem, a Liger facilitator, and a couple of students including me check the work of the electrician and turn out a lot of his work need some securing. Therefore we spend our whole morning and afternoon just to secure and fix the electrician wiring work.

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