Enter the 7th year of Liger, my math class also advanced to the next level of math, Precalculus. This subject is very hard and fascinating for me. First of all the idea of studying precalculus has always floated my mine since I am an aspiring engineer but it is very hard to fully grasp every lessons and rule in this subject. Many of the formulae had a pattern and it will be easier to solve if you can understand the rule apply to it. For example, the rule for Slant asymptotes(a line which a graph will infinity or negative infinity if it gets near the value): Slant asymptotes look like this,

This graph comes from the division of x^2 + x + 1 and x+1. In the lesson that I have learned stated that if the equation has a greater power in the numerator then there is a possibility that there is a slant asymptote. To find the asymptote you just need to divide the equation until you cannot go any further. Then ignore the remainder if there is any and what you can divide is the line of the slant asymptote. In this case, y=x is the asymptotes because we can only divide x out of x^2+x+1 with a remainder of 1.

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