Toul Prasat Sen Sok Computer Lab Installation-Solar Pi Project

ON the 19th of May, My team and I journeyed to a school on the outskirt of Phnom Penh called Toul Prasat Sen Sok. Solar Pi project’s goal is to provide technological education to students in the government school. We go to this school to install Raspberry Pi computer lab.

Taking out computer screen, keyboard, mouse and raspberry pi.
Piecing the components together.
Secure the wire, prevent power damage to the computer.
Check the computer, Is it operating? Does it run smoothly? Can it run together at once? Are keyboard and mouse working?
The Pi-Net server we are using to run Edemy program on all the computer.

While my team did the installation of the whole lab the half of the team give lessons to teacher and student about the program Edemy, which is an English teaching program to Cambodians.

Student engagement in the labs a day after the lab was installed.

Although some of the computers and mouses don’t work we consider the trip to be worthwhile and successful in term learning the flaw of the process.

We as a group hope that the students will use this opportunity to their advantage and expand their knowledge to help them prepare for the near future.


February 9th, my dreamed architecture project began. I always want to start learning how to plan and study buildings from different cultures. In the beginning, I was a bit lost on what is my long-term plan, so I took the entire first hour of my schedule to find my goal. Finally, I got a solid plan, I am going to design my own house by my own hand and ability. I want to draw it and build a real visual model of it in the future. In the meantime, I found application and website that could possibly be benefiting for me in the process to my goal. There were many but the main one would be Unity, AutoCAD, Homestyler, Inventer…etc. I also found an online course that covers the basic and more of architecture, Edx. This online course helps me better understand architectural ideas and the implementation could be different depending on the culture. While I studied the course I help myself with some Homestyler house design as you can see below.

Living room

The White building at Meta House

On the 9 of November, I and my friend hosted our project, the White Building, at meta house to share with other citizens the after effect of the white building. This project encompasses 9 people and each of us has a different product to show. In the event, I showed my own original Bassac riverfront complex derived from the Vann Molyvann Bassac riverfront complex. In the complex, there are many problems to address such as traffics, education access, cultural regression, economic growth, and preparation for future needs of the city. I also show the documentary which was written by me but edited by my friend Soliday. From that, I hope the people participate in the events could share the white building tales that we put up with the rest of the country. I hope it could influence others to also see that community is really important not just small or big. But do remember change is inadvisable and cannot be controlled by any whom.

White building song 

All together for the final ending of the events.

Changing Cambodia 2016 – 2017


Year five of school at Liger: it a beautiful year full of joy and intense work. As school becomes more intense everyday, we are still trying to adapt to change in order to reach our goal no matter what happens. The good thing about difficult work is that the prize and impact of it are high. Some of the effects itself change a small part of Cambodia. Nothing feels better when someone says that our work changes Cambodia even if it is a little or a lot it doesn’t matter. Maybe not that far but when our action changes others, it can also count as changing Cambodia as well. This year change starts with this five big projects: Digital Currency, Robotics, Khmer Rouge III, Waste Management III, and Ecosystem Services. These projects might change a little or a lot but as long as it changed Cambodia I am happy to explain why, because change starts with you and your action, not with the government.


It might sound weird to the term Digital Currency change Cambodia but when you understand what it is you will understand why it changes Cambodia. So what is Digital Currency, it modern day people everyone doesn’t want money to be flying off their hand or slip off their bag so they use online money which is limitless. This technology allows transaction, payment, storing money to be performed with ease in the online world. This technology keeps your money really really safe, you will have no more worry of losing it. So how do we make this technology, the answer is coding to make an application in the online world. To progress the project we need to learn different types of code. This modern-day work of digital wallet where there is no money on the street and everybody is safe from street rob. This is a plan for the future where everybody in Cambodia can use this online source together so that everybody can be safe and efficient to boost this country economy.


There just this thing that people say the world needed someone who knows how to bring the dead to life but we can create a new form of life from scratch. This is robotics we create life from scratch, well technically they are called machine but they are interesting. Some say that they are on the verge of making a new life form of robotic using the AI program. The Exploration itself is the change that we are achieving, this change is to let the outside world know that Cambodia is not bad and we have talent too. This news will spread to all of Cambodia which will encourage another Cambodian to join the field of computer science. Someone needs to take the first action in order to pave the way for others who are hiding in the dark with opportunities out of reach to find a way because there is always a way to success.


The biggest threat to earth is global warming, this claim is what most people in the world would say and it’s biggest contributor would be waste or trash or rubbish. So we have taken an initiative to find a way to solve the problems. We basically did some research and found out that about 80% of those waste that was thrown away by Cambodian are biological waste. We also know that about 80% of Cambodians are farmers. We came up with an idea that we want to decrease the percentage of organic waste and also help the livelihood of the farmer. The solution we found out was “Compose”, we would need to turn organic waste into compost through a particular composition process and provide the merchandise to the farmer. This would also encourage the farmer to use organic farming tactic since it would cost less than chemical. We even turn the idea into a business plan in order to sustain the solution. The process will be set in action in the year of 2018 to see it’s real effect. This will be a huge change in the society and the Cambodia’s reputation to the outside world. Our city our life our family will live in a clean environment with less waste than today. The whole Cambodia will change in preparation for the future.


In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the facilitator who taught me so many great stuff for success in the future and to the Liger Leadership Academy for accepting me to this prestigious school. I will give even more effort into learning in this academy to become one of the great. I would like the name of my country to known across the world because if you ask a foreigner outside they will say that they never heard of Cambodia, I want to change that. I also want Cambodia to again enter the golden age which everything is better than now. To reach that goal I will have to work harder than before and do more than this year so that I can have more input on my goal and the future of my children and grandchildren. Once I chose this path there will be no turning back, only moving forward. I will need to attend more advanced classes next year to prepare the future I desire.  

Local Library

Every day, people start to get the electronic device. Lots of people now have forgotten the use of the book and how it important. So one day my friend and I come up with an idea of library everywhere and we call our project “Local Library”. This project will solve the problem of lack of resource of knowledge to the rural part of Cambodia. provide them the fundamental practice of learning through reading. We work really hard to create the library box which will last long and resistance to the changing weather.  We also fund-raise and ask for book new or old from libraries in Cambodia. Luckily there are few of the library and NGO who are willing to donate books but they are all English, so the needed Khmer books we bought it from a store. Once we have the book and library box finish we start to test the program by sending each member of the team to there province with the library box.

Members of the project; Visal, Mengthong, Niroth and Seyha(me).


Members come together to choose plans for the libraries design. We sketch new design and model to fit our interest.


Students help to complete the creation of libraries.


Children coming to take books to read and return books that they borrowed.



Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

Cambodia is a fast developing country. But some part of Cambodia need to be change and develop as well. As a Cambodian I am part of the change and I need to help my country grow better. Changer are people in the country we all did some little thing to help Cambodia. Let me tell you about little thing, if you do that well it mean a lot to the change and this are the mean project I had been in this year which I think I make that little thing.


  1. Animal Field Guide : This project is learning about animal in Cambodia and help to preserve them. So many animal is endangered and nearly facing extinction. People don’t care how important they are. My team and I go went to provinces to teach and explain about the animal because there are hunter in the village. We are making a book that explain that it called “Illustration guide to wildlife of Cambodia”. If you want you can buy some of the book too, it is out in January.


  1. Recycle Community : this project is basically learning about how to reduce reuse and recycle plastic so the world would be so polluted. We always wanted to see the world in a better way the world now is in danger if we don’t act now everybody in this world will be gone. Scientist had been predicting about the future they say the north and south pole will be melt and there will be float all over the land. We help people in our community to recycle stuff so everybody live happily with their family.


  1. Agriculture : this project is mainly learning about rice how to grow it and how do we make better quality rice? In Cambodia rice is one of the most important thing in Cambodia economic growth. We learned it from the real farmer in the community. We help came back and try to make our own rice growing but the rice did not work. But we learn and share the knowledge with others that the big idea of this project.

Changing Cambodia 2013 – 2014

In this whole year that i had been learn in Liger. I changed cambodia a little bit by teaching some of the cambodia child in Takeo and other place. I had been going to Takeo province to teach the child in NFO organization. I teach them to recycle thing using many thing like card board and other stuff. I tought them how to make toy using the structure of simple machine and using recycle material. To do that I tought them that in the country don’t have the materials. So we taught them a trick using recycle materials like plastic and foam. Foam can melt easily so we can use gasoline to melt it and it will be a little bit liquid then we can use it as glue. I get that trick from my grandpa and all of those thing you see doing great at Liger. I learn it from my grandpa I did not know that it possible to do it in my life. The last thing that i had been helping Cambodia is learning how cambodia change. This thing is simple but it will help. I did that because it simple and to change Cambodia it doesn’t meant that we has to help out side but it about what you choose help.

STEM Exploration


Our Exploration was responding to the ministry of education order of introducing STEM to the government school. We were working with two schools called Kratie Krong High School and Chbar Om Pov High School. We were experimenting and implementing STEM project into high school. We chose two topics basically from their book and create the projects. We chose Potential energy and Kinetic energy(from physic) and the other one is Plants biology. The physic project is requiring the student to create a model that show and explain the science of it. For biology, the students are needed to choose plants and research how it affect Cambodian life and culture, also the science behind. The Project Based-Learning and we made 4 other presentations that explain the idea of having this project and the characteristic we want them to do when they’re doing the projects we made. Turn out there is some teacher who has accepted the project but some teacher still resist.

Presenting to the teachers in Kratie about the project-learning program for students’ practice.


Camping on the sand experience.
Cooking own food while camping.
Students of the Kratie School present there product and what they have learned.