The White building at Meta House

On the 9 of November, I and my friend hosted our project, the White Building, at meta house to share with other citizens the after effect of the white building. This project encompasses 9 people and each of us has a different product to show. In the event, I showed my own original Bassac riverfront complex derived from the Vann Molyvann Bassac riverfront complex. In the complex, there are many problems to address such as traffics, education access, cultural regression, economic growth, and preparation for future needs of the city. I also show the documentary which was written by me but edited by my friend Soliday. From that, I hope the people participate in the events could share the white building tales that we put up with the rest of the country. I hope it could influence others to also see that community is really important not just small or big. But do remember change is inadvisable and cannot be controlled by any whom.

White building song 

All together for the final ending of the events.

Changing Cambodia 2016 – 2017


Year five of school at Liger: it a beautiful year full of joy and intense work. As school becomes more intense everyday, we are still trying to adapt to change in order to reach our goal no matter what happens. The good thing about difficult work is that the prize and impact of it are high. Some of the effects itself change a small part of Cambodia. Nothing feels better when someone says that our work changes Cambodia even if it is a little or a lot it doesn’t matter. Maybe not that far but when our action changes others, it can also count as changing Cambodia as well. This year change starts with this five big projects: Digital Currency, Robotics, Khmer Rouge III, Waste Management III, and Ecosystem Services. These projects might change a little or a lot but as long as it changed Cambodia I am happy to explain why, because change starts with you and your action, not with the government.


It might sound weird to the term Digital Currency change Cambodia but when you understand what it is you will understand why it changes Cambodia. So what is Digital Currency, it modern day people everyone doesn’t want money to be flying off their hand or slip off their bag so they use online money which is limitless. This technology allows transaction, payment, storing money to be performed with ease in the online world. This technology keeps your money really really safe, you will have no more worry of losing it. So how do we make this technology, the answer is coding to make an application in the online world. To progress the project we need to learn different types of code. This modern-day work of digital wallet where there is no money on the street and everybody is safe from street rob. This is a plan for the future where everybody in Cambodia can use this online source together so that everybody can be safe and efficient to boost this country economy.


There just this thing that people say the world needed someone who knows how to bring the dead to life but we can create a new form of life from scratch. This is robotics we create life from scratch, well technically they are called machine but they are interesting. Some say that they are on the verge of making a new life form of robotic using the AI program. The Exploration itself is the change that we are achieving, this change is to let the outside world know that Cambodia is not bad and we have talent too. This news will spread to all of Cambodia which will encourage another Cambodian to join the field of computer science. Someone needs to take the first action in order to pave the way for others who are hiding in the dark with opportunities out of reach to find a way because there is always a way to success.


The biggest threat to earth is global warming, this claim is what most people in the world would say and it’s biggest contributor would be waste or trash or rubbish. So we have taken an initiative to find a way to solve the problems. We basically did some research and found out that about 80% of those waste that was thrown away by Cambodian are biological waste. We also know that about 80% of Cambodians are farmers. We came up with an idea that we want to decrease the percentage of organic waste and also help the livelihood of the farmer. The solution we found out was “Compose”, we would need to turn organic waste into compost through a particular composition process and provide the merchandise to the farmer. This would also encourage the farmer to use organic farming tactic since it would cost less than chemical. We even turn the idea into a business plan in order to sustain the solution. The process will be set in action in the year of 2018 to see it’s real effect. This will be a huge change in the society and the Cambodia’s reputation to the outside world. Our city our life our family will live in a clean environment with less waste than today. The whole Cambodia will change in preparation for the future.


In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the facilitator who taught me so many great stuff for success in the future and to the Liger Leadership Academy for accepting me to this prestigious school. I will give even more effort into learning in this academy to become one of the great. I would like the name of my country to known across the world because if you ask a foreigner outside they will say that they never heard of Cambodia, I want to change that. I also want Cambodia to again enter the golden age which everything is better than now. To reach that goal I will have to work harder than before and do more than this year so that I can have more input on my goal and the future of my children and grandchildren. Once I chose this path there will be no turning back, only moving forward. I will need to attend more advanced classes next year to prepare the future I desire.  

Leading Extension

This year Theara, Rattanak, Davith and I are involved with the new students in After School Extension (ASE). We are teaching them basketball skill and technique to play well on there own and to compete with other schools. So far we have not contact any challenges for them yet because they are still too young but in the near future for sure they will face other schools.


Such beautiful day, nothing can be compared to learning something new. This time there is a new facilitator and new lesson she prepared. Cara, the new facilitator, teaches me and my classmates many new subject and technique all through a project to write about the rite of passage. This project back to the past of how did I obtain maturity. This is a piece of my life that I’ll never forget because it is how I am me today. If you want to know more about me read the story below.


Comming of Age 

“The difference in strength, what about it? You think I should give up just because you are stronger than me.” The words of Ichigo Kurosaki have changed my life forever. Throughout life I faced many difficulties but without them my life has no meaning. When I figured out ways to overcome those problems, that is when my life story gets more interesting. When I am down sometimes, I felt weak, I felt useless, I felt the urge to give up, but my goal was too precious that kept me from giving in to those challenges. I have always been weak to handle struggles that everybody else would avoid, but doing so made me stronger, it made my life worth living as who I am today. Just like when I was six at the Siem Reap province, grandfather said, “I never give up on my immense dream, so along the way to reach it, I find something or someone to motivate me along the way.” So I pick up his word and pave my own path to succession, by working hard anybody can make the impossible possible.


When I was three, a fight broke out between me and my cousin over the precious jewel given to me by my grandmother. I could not defeat my cousin because he was more muscular, and taller, but this time I have to otherwise everything I own will belong to him. I took the beating as usual but something is off, there are voices kept telling me to get up, to stand up and return my cousin a favor. That is when everything went black, I no longer give conscious to kindness, love, weakness, pain, or suffering. In my core is only kill-time, “I gotta fight him, I’ll make him suffer, I will bring him to the ground” voices whispered in my mind. My vision got blurr but I could make out a fist coming for my eye, suddenly everything became slower almost as if time stop. Yet I could feel the wind gushing from his slow strike, instead of dodging the punch I kicked his leg instantaneously he was on the ground crying in pain. I did not stop there, never once in that fight felt a thing only darkness, the only thing in mind is “the killer instinct”. I rush toward him surprisingly I was on top of his stomach, I smash his face without a thought of what I had done. My grandfather, my neighbor, and my uncle thought it was fine, the kid is just playing around, but after they see what’s left on my cousin’s face they came to stop me. But the beast inside of me is raging one person wasn’t enough to stop my wrath, I kept my fist tight and keep throwing jab. It took three people to stop me when they did I nearly faint of all the blood. It’s like a demon possessed me in the fight blocking my emotion. When I look back of what I had done, part of me felt regrets, part of me felt tired, but part of me felt satisfied with the result. He was lying on the ground with blood all over his face, mainly from his broken nose. Even though I am weak but when I go on a rampage, I can surpass anything even those ten time stronger than me. Strength comes from the will to continue fighting even all seem lost, it is the courage to face your fear that create your inner strength.


In my past, difficulties led me to one great mystery of my life “purpose”. Only then that I have the guts to tell everyone my name “I am Seyha”. One obstacle in my life made me realize I had potential beyond normal. It was when I enter Khmer primary school in my late 6 years old. When I realize how far behind I was in my studies, I sunk like a rock thrown deep into the ocean. I was always tailing of others until my grandfather enlightens me with beautiful word of motivation. I studied day and night and tried to overcome any lack of understanding of the material. I even created a more efficient way to study. Unlike my older cousin who was tempting to play the game and I do all his work include mine as well, this gives me the opportunity to understand even further about the lesson in school. Even if I was not the best student in the class, but I studied so hard and surpass everyone one by one.


“If miracle happens, it only happens once, then what are they called the second time?” pointed out Ichigo Kurosaki. The studying and training paid off, and in the fourth grade, I received a huge opportunity. As teacher Darath and other teachers from the Liger Leadership academy walked in, I saw a gleam of light shining on him, he was like a god who comes to give me a push toward a successful future. When he and other teachers walked in, the first thing he said was, “Any of you who are 10 or younger please come up to me as I explain everyone what are we here for.” When I heard his words my thought was clear, let’s go up and follow him because he looked like a bright guy. But I found myself unable to move because of the hesitation that I bear, what if they want to kidnap children? Or what if they want my kidney? After he explained everything, I feel a little more comfortable and relax, that is when I first approached him. First he led everyone of us to read the Khmer alphabets and vowels, only five of my classmates got pass all the alphabets and vowels. Then there are tests on different subjects (math, literacy, science, and social study), I was the first to finish the tests, so Navin, staff of Liger Leadership Academy, interviewed me about my past and present life. Even though I was rushing and did not answer every questions, I was still the highest scorer of all the testers. That is the first miracle that happen to me is the opportunity to get to me to somewhere and I can speed up my life’s studies. After everyone finished, Liger announced that they will tell the school director when the second test held and the 4 students that passed the test will take the test on that day. Two days passed and Liger returned to the school but the I was not there. I was at home helping my uncle to fix the electrical system in the household. It was really a sudden shock to find a van stopped in front of my uncle’s house. The first person comes to sight was my three best friend walked out of the van guiding Mary (the academy’s social worker) into my house. I was really surprised to see their love and emotion for me.

Those divine words kept me fight to find the meaning of my life. There are many struggles that prevented me from reach my dream but those words made my will stronger than anything I could account for. Everyday I am living life with only one purpose to find the meaning of life lie beyond my reach and fight through all those difficulties that is preventing me. As long as I have my friend next to me, I have all the support I need to goes through hard work and difficulties. Life is not easy as people say, but if you think about it an easy life is a lame story to tell, everyone should find their place in an adventure to live a good life.


I can’t wait to go back home and enjoy the holiday of the pchum ban. Tradition holiday of Cambodia where every family member comes together to pray for our ancestor to rise to heaven. Traditionally it is a ceremony to ensure the wellbeing of our ancestor souls. Before I go back to Kandal on September 16, 2017, facilitator Sokha would like to understand the past of the ritual. My team consist of 6 people unravel the past and the ritual pattern changes in the ceremony. Which we then clustered it down into a report on the history of the Pchum ban itself. Click on the link below to view the writing (WARNING: The text is written in Khmer).

Image result for pchum ben


On 19 October 2017, we did an experiment to drive deeper into force of the object. Forces is an important part of physic because it helps us understand the phenomenon happen every day. There are four main forces; strong force(Sf), electromagnetic force (EM), weak force(W), gravitational force(g). All this force happen on a small scale so it hard to really study about them. It is simpler to cover it up with new names. Like when you push a block of wood down a ramp your hand EM push the wood block Em and your foot push the ground EM, this type of force called applied force in short. We did an experiment on the roughness of the ramp vs what angle paperclip box slide from the top. In physic, even the roughness of object is defined in number in order to solve for friction. Reversely this experiment is to use the angle of friction to find the roughness of the object.

Image result for incline plane

AP stat prep

Currently, I am involved in advanced statistic class, which undergo intense practice and preparation for the Ap test. The AP test is hard and stressful that’s why we need to prepare for it. In this statistic class is probably my most challenging class all year because it is consist of many subjects and hard vocabularies to understand the context. So far I have learned about univariable and bivariable data, also the different way to place the different type of data into form and organize for easy interpret the data. That includes scatterplot, bar graph, box plot, histogram and many other. Currently, I am studying about the line of predicted data and the real data. If you have data on something you can predict a new outcome from the line. For example height and weight, predict height based on weight, if you are 80 kg the graph shows that your height would be around 180cm.


In our last round of fourth-year exploration, I was selected to be in an exploration which is trying to create a game that will be related to economic. For the 7 weeks before the exploration start, I have to join an expertise(an afternoon class usually from 1 – 2 pm) with a teacher from Poland. We learned many things such Github access code and javascript. All of the learning is for the exploration which will be a focus on creating an economic game. The focus code was javascript but there other code needed to implement for site development. Those codes are HTML, CSS, and other displayed based codes. These codes were discovered using my own time to progress for faster as other students. Click on the image below to pay the economic game.

Local Library

Every day, people start to get the electronic device. Lots of people now have forgotten the use of the book and how it important. So one day my friend and I come up with an idea of library everywhere and we call our project “Local Library”. This project will solve the problem of lack of resource of knowledge to the rural part of Cambodia. provide them the fundamental practice of learning through reading. We work really hard to create the library box which will last long and resistance to the changing weather.  We also fund-raise and ask for book new or old from libraries in Cambodia. Luckily there are few of the library and NGO who are willing to donate books but they are all English, so the needed Khmer books we bought it from a store. Once we have the book and library box finish we start to test the program by sending each member of the team to there province with the library box.

Members of the project; Visal, Mengthong, Niroth and Seyha(me).


Members come together to choose plans for the libraries design. We sketch new design and model to fit our interest.


Students help to complete the creation of libraries.


Children coming to take books to read and return books that they borrowed.



Ministry Day

On 12/01/2016 is the biggest event Liger have in 4 years. Your Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron had ask Liger to host an event that show the people from the ministry of education youth and sport and the director of all secondary school in Phnom Penh about who are we, what are we doing and our curriculum. At that day I was presenting about Project based learning. We raise some example of project that could be apply to Secondary government school. I talk seven time about Science book. It is the first that student is actually help to give a guide to a better education. It was really amazing how they ask us good and challenging question, but we still answer well and polite. Time goes so fast, when we finish we let our visitor eat lunch first and then we take a group picture with all of them. It was the end of the event we say good bye to them then we had lunch.