February 9th, my dreamed architecture project began. I always want to start learning how to plan and study buildings from different cultures. In the beginning, I was a bit lost on what is my long-term plan, so I took the entire first hour of my schedule to find my goal. Finally, I got a solid plan, I am going to design my own house by my own hand and ability. I want to draw it and build a real visual model of it in the future. In the meantime, I found application and website that could possibly be benefiting for me in the process to my goal. There were many but the main one would be Unity, AutoCAD, Homestyler, Inventer…etc. I also found an online course that covers the basic and more of architecture, Edx. This online course helps me better understand architectural ideas and the implementation could be different depending on the culture. While I studied the course I help myself with some Homestyler house design as you can see below.

Living room

Beach Frisbee Ultimate

Such a good day, I was invited to this amazing event at the beach, Kep, on 23 to 24 of December 2017. It was the first Cambodia Beach Frisbee Ultimate. This sport is about spirit, the spirit to enjoy the game, make friends and give it your all to the game no matter the outcome. We played so hard but the sand made it impossible to move freely. It was a trouble but a good obstacle to face. People on the beach no matter the age range come and watch the game, some of the crowd even participate in one but not a good result for them, of course, to be expected. It was a thrilling experience to share the fun spirit with the people who come to the sea festival. We really have a good time I hope there are more Beach Frisbee Ultimate.


In our last round of fourth-year exploration, I was selected to be in an exploration which is trying to create a game that will be related to economic. For the 7 weeks before the exploration start, I have to join an expertise(an afternoon class usually from 1 – 2 pm) with a teacher from Poland. We learned many things such Github access code and javascript. All of the learning is for the exploration which will be a focus on creating an economic game. The focus code was javascript but there other code needed to implement for site development. Those codes are HTML, CSS, and other displayed based codes. These codes were discovered using my own time to progress for faster as other students. Click on the image below to pay the economic game.