Changing Cambodia 2016 – 2017


Year five of school at Liger: it a beautiful year full of joy and intense work. As school becomes more intense everyday, we are still trying to adapt to change in order to reach our goal no matter what happens. The good thing about difficult work is that the prize and impact of it are high. Some of the effects itself change a small part of Cambodia. Nothing feels better when someone says that our work changes Cambodia even if it is a little or a lot it doesn’t matter. Maybe not that far but when our action changes others, it can also count as changing Cambodia as well. This year change starts with this five big projects: Digital Currency, Robotics, Khmer Rouge III, Waste Management III, and Ecosystem Services. These projects might change a little or a lot but as long as it changed Cambodia I am happy to explain why, because change starts with you and your action, not with the government.


It might sound weird to the term Digital Currency change Cambodia but when you understand what it is you will understand why it changes Cambodia. So what is Digital Currency, it modern day people everyone doesn’t want money to be flying off their hand or slip off their bag so they use online money which is limitless. This technology allows transaction, payment, storing money to be performed with ease in the online world. This technology keeps your money really really safe, you will have no more worry of losing it. So how do we make this technology, the answer is coding to make an application in the online world. To progress the project we need to learn different types of code. This modern-day work of digital wallet where there is no money on the street and everybody is safe from street rob. This is a plan for the future where everybody in Cambodia can use this online source together so that everybody can be safe and efficient to boost this country economy.


There just this thing that people say the world needed someone who knows how to bring the dead to life but we can create a new form of life from scratch. This is robotics we create life from scratch, well technically they are called machine but they are interesting. Some say that they are on the verge of making a new life form of robotic using the AI program. The Exploration itself is the change that we are achieving, this change is to let the outside world know that Cambodia is not bad and we have talent too. This news will spread to all of Cambodia which will encourage another Cambodian to join the field of computer science. Someone needs to take the first action in order to pave the way for others who are hiding in the dark with opportunities out of reach to find a way because there is always a way to success.


The biggest threat to earth is global warming, this claim is what most people in the world would say and it’s biggest contributor would be waste or trash or rubbish. So we have taken an initiative to find a way to solve the problems. We basically did some research and found out that about 80% of those waste that was thrown away by Cambodian are biological waste. We also know that about 80% of Cambodians are farmers. We came up with an idea that we want to decrease the percentage of organic waste and also help the livelihood of the farmer. The solution we found out was “Compose”, we would need to turn organic waste into compost through a particular composition process and provide the merchandise to the farmer. This would also encourage the farmer to use organic farming tactic since it would cost less than chemical. We even turn the idea into a business plan in order to sustain the solution. The process will be set in action in the year of 2018 to see it’s real effect. This will be a huge change in the society and the Cambodia’s reputation to the outside world. Our city our life our family will live in a clean environment with less waste than today. The whole Cambodia will change in preparation for the future.


In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the facilitator who taught me so many great stuff for success in the future and to the Liger Leadership Academy for accepting me to this prestigious school. I will give even more effort into learning in this academy to become one of the great. I would like the name of my country to known across the world because if you ask a foreigner outside they will say that they never heard of Cambodia, I want to change that. I also want Cambodia to again enter the golden age which everything is better than now. To reach that goal I will have to work harder than before and do more than this year so that I can have more input on my goal and the future of my children and grandchildren. Once I chose this path there will be no turning back, only moving forward. I will need to attend more advanced classes next year to prepare the future I desire.  

Leading Extension

This year Theara, Rattanak, Davith and I are involved with the new students in After School Extension (ASE). We are teaching them basketball skill and technique to play well on there own and to compete with other schools. So far we have not contact any challenges for them yet because they are still too young but in the near future for sure they will face other schools.


In our last round of fourth-year exploration, I was selected to be in an exploration which is trying to create a game that will be related to economic. For the 7 weeks before the exploration start, I have to join an expertise(an afternoon class usually from 1 – 2 pm) with a teacher from Poland. We learned many things such Github access code and javascript. All of the learning is for the exploration which will be a focus on creating an economic game. The focus code was javascript but there other code needed to implement for site development. Those codes are HTML, CSS, and other displayed based codes. These codes were discovered using my own time to progress for faster as other students. Click on the image below to pay the economic game.